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Cyber Security

Business and client data are under constant threat. Pro Logic can provide industry-leading security solutions to avoid catastrophes. Whether it’s a hardware firewall,  monitoring your network, to securing servers and endpoints on prem or in the cloud.  Pro Logic Systems has the expertise.

Pro Logic Security Solutions


Organizations traditionally build infrastructure for general purpose use. Security teams are then tasked with protecting that infrastructure, the apps that will run on it, and the devices that will access it. The result is layers of complexity and enterprise security that's general rather than specific— too many products, too many tools, too many interfaces, too many agents. Security doesn’t need a new product, but a new approach.  Pro Logic can help guide you through the complexity.

Our Focus

End Point & Network Security

Digital innovation has transformed enterprise networks, adding breakthrough capabilities to achieve business outcomes, while unintentionally exposing them to new vulnerabilities. With the rapid proliferation of mobile computing, multi-cloud deployment, and shadow IT, attack surfaces have dramatically expanded, adding complexity and making enterprise networks vulnerable to sophisticated attacks.  Pro Logic works with the leading Firewall vendors to help you secure your next generation datacenter.

Host Based Security

In today’s environment, merely blocking known malware is obsolete. Cybercriminals continually learn how to obscure their actions amid the ever-growing activity within your organization. Polymorphic ransomware and file-less attacks are growing in prevalence, so legacy approaches to prevention leave you exposed. If your endpoint protection platform isn’t centrally analyzing behavior across millions of endpoints, how can it spot minor fluctuations in normal activity to reveal an attack? Pro Logic can help you secure your hosts.

Cloud Security

Organizations are increasingly deploying a variety of workloads across multiple clouds. In turn, business-critical data and services are increasingly scattered across this distributed infrastructure. Using the shared responsibility model as a guiding principle, enterprises rely on cloud providers to protect the network, storage, and computing layers, while enterprises own the security for everything that is built, deployed, or stored in the public cloud.  We work with cloud native technology partners to help you build secure workloads in the cloud.

Security Consulting

Audits are something that every business must go through. When audits occur, it’s important to ensure that your business is following the proper guidelines. In addition, it’s important to conduct internal audits and tests to ensure that employees are also following the guidelines. With this in mind, you may be wondering: How can I ensure that my company is ready for audits? Are my employees extracting data that’s supposed to stay in the workplace?  Let Pro Logic Consulting Services help you with compliance.

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