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IBM Power Systems

Pro Logic Systems has been an IBM Business Partner for more than 20 years.  We have expert experience with Architecting, Implementing and deploying IBM Power solutions.  We are Experts in IBM Virtualization of System i and AIX, and have hundreds of systems deployed in the field.  We ARE the goto partner for IBM Power.

Pro Logic IBM Power Systems Solutions

Pro Logic in house subject matter experts can help transform and modernize your IBM Power infrastructure with Virtualization and Cloud.  We have a proven track record with delivering mission-critical applications for IBM i environment as well as for AIX and Linux.  

Experts Delivering

  • PowerHA has integrated operating system function and external storage to provide robust HA/DR solutions.

  • PowerVM utilizes the flexibility of configurations to provide capabilities like Live Partition Mobility.

  • PowerVC exploits external storage to be able to provision IBM i LPARs in minutes.

  • External Storage Support for IBM DS8000 Family and IBM spectrum Virtualized.

  • VTL Backup with BRMS support for EMC Data Domain and Laser Vault.

  • Power on Cloud delivering IBM Power in the Cloud.

If you are struggling with not having the expertise to manage your IBM Power Systems Pro Logic Managed Services can help. We can manage your IBM Power Infrastructure.


The adaptability of IBM i is guaranteed by an architecture that provides unique dependability, security, flexibility and integration, all of which lead to a significant total cost of ownership advantage. The pillars of this architecture make IBM i unique in the industry. 

  • Db2 for i and single level storage

  • Security and integrity

  • Open source runtime and integration of technology

  • Multi-workload virtualization

  • Investment protection

AIX is highly integrated with the IBM Power Systems family of software offerings. With flexible integration at multiple levels within the hardware and software stack, the AIX platform provides dependability AIXers have come to expect for their mission-critical workloads.


  • High availability and disaster recovery with PowerHA® System Mirror and VM Recovery Managers

  • Simplified management of security and compliance with PowerSC Standard Edition and PowerSC Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Simplified cloud management, workload optimization and scaling capacity on demand with PowerVM and PowerVC.

  •  Hybrid cloud integration AIX is helping over 3,000 clients transform their IT infrastructure into a private, on-premises cloud with PowerVC. Just this year, we announced new hybrid cloud functionality, including the ability to easily import and export AIX VMs between clouds, as well as new Software-Defined Infrastructure capabilities allowing you to spin up SAN-less clouds for DevOps environments.

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